With many different types of luggage available it is important to consider various factors such as the mode of transport, security, looks and handling.

Soft sided suitcases

Soft sided suitcases are conventionally made from polyester, nylon or a mixture of the two fabrics. Fabric is graded in denier so the higher the denier, the thicker and more durable the fabric. Most fabrics will have a waterproof PBV backing on the inside. A soft sided suitcase is easy to store due to its flexibility and is often available with an expandable case giving you more room.

Hard sided suitcases

A hard sided suitcase is more rigid and designed to stand up to the rigours of frequent air travel. Hard sided suitcases are more durable than soft sided and are ideal for protecting more fragile items. Most hard sided cases are made from moulded polypropylene or ABS plastic.


Backpacks come in many shapes and sizes; some even fitted with wheels. The features of a backpack vary with many options available depending on what it will be used for: from carrying essentials on a voyage or for transporting your laptop.


A holdall can offer a large amount of packing space and is considerably more light weight than a trolley case. However, the flexibility of a holdall and the lightweight structure makes it a less protective shell. Please note that air travel restrictions vary between airlines and airports and are subject to change, so do check before you fly.

Product Testing & Warranty


All our luggage goes through rigorous testing programmes, which include:

The rolling road

The case travels 25km over varied terrain and obstacles designed to determine the resistance of wheels (and their housing) to abrasion and structural damage during prolonged wheeling.

The drop test

The fully loaded case is dropped on each corner twice from a defined height, designed to determine the resistance to dropping of a loaded product.

The handle test

The fully loaded case is lifted to a selected distance by its handle and allowed to freefall until it stops. This is designed to determine the resistance to breaking of suitcase handles and trolley systems.

TSA locks

TSA locks are specially designed to allow airport security staff to open the case for inspection using universal master keys, avoiding the locks having to be cut or damaged.