Kaymed have over a century’s expertise at the forefront of sleep technology and we are the leading innovator in the gel and visco-elastic technologies.

We are also unique as we manufacture all of the internal materials used to produce our comprehensive range of mattresses and beds.

Our extensive knowledge and development of revolutionary new materials mean that we are the industry leaders in temperature regulation and these products have already altered the shape of the North American bed industry.

In September 2016 Kaymed were voted Bed Manufacturer of the Year at The National Bed Federation Awards. This important accolade recognises the advances that Kaymed have made with a winning strategy of product innovation, substantial marketing investment and impressive sales results  across a range of retail customers.


Therma~Phase+™ Explained

Therma~Phase+ is a high density visco-elastic material infused with unique phase-change gel crystals and a copper infusion.

The high density visco-elastic provides your body with the optimum levels of comfort, support and pressure relief essential for a restful night’s sleep.

The phase-change gel crystals work constantly to absorb, store and release your body heat to maintain the ideal sleep surface on the mattress. Copper is a hyper-conductive, natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral element essential for your body’s health and the patented infusion of Copper into Therma~Phase+ gel allows us to harness these benefits. The combination of Therma~Phase+ gel technology with the science of copper provides superior comfort and pressure relief.

Therma~Phase+™ How Does It Work

The Therma~Phase+ gel acts as a large heat store with its heat capacity peaking at the most comfortable temperature for sleeping. Compared with conventional visco-elastic foam, Therma~Phase+ has a 22% increase in static conductivity and six times faster heat dissipation than standard visco.

It is critical to understand that Therma~Phase+ is integral to the mattress for the whole of its life and not just a treatment sprayed onto it.

Therma~Phase+ acts as a carrier for the copper and when our visco-elastic is compressed and copper-infused gel particles come into contact, conductive pathways are created in the foam. This compression conduction is important for moving heat and cooling the sleeper in compressed regions under the body where airflow and convective heat flow are restricted.

Therma~Phase™ works with your body’s natural temperature to store and release heat using the integral gel crystals stored within the unique phase-change gel crystals. The phase-change gel crystals work constantly to absorb, store and release your body heat to maintain the ideal sleep surface temperature.