What is Medical Grade Foam?

Mammoth’s mattresses are a new and upcoming trend within the bedding and medical industry. Their unique polymer cell technoloy was first used in spinal injury, orthopaedic and intensive care units to help increase blood circulation, to reduce inflammation whilst keeping the back aligned and aiding recovery. Mammoth are not only proven to enhance your sleep which is fantastic for those who struggle with back/shoulder pain, and wake up on a daily basis not feeling refreshed. But it is also proven to make you fall asleep quicker and for longer.mammmgf1


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Revolutionising sleep quality

Mammoth’s mattresses have been clinically proven to enhance sleep at Northumbria University’s world-renowned Centre for Sleep Research, led by the UK’s leading sleep expert, Professor Jason Ellis. The combination of innovation, technology, superior materials and attention to detail makes Mammoth the most comfortable and luxurious mattress on the market today.

Society’s understanding of the important role sleep plays in our health and wellbeing is growing all the time. So, it’s no surprise that more and more people are deciding to upgrade their memory foam mattresses and traditional pocket-sprung mattresses to their unique High Specification Medical Grade Foam™ mattresses.


The Performance 240 mattress


Based on Mammoth’s original mattress design with an attainable price point, there are more people spanning two decades that enjoy more good nights and the greats day that follow on this modern classic of a mattress. Over a million in fact.

The Performance 240’s increased depth and tailored quilting ensures unparalleled levels of support and comfort.  All you need to do is choose which ‘feel’ you prefer, Medium or Firm.  You can then be confident that you‘ve made the perfect choice, and when you wake up in the morning feeling your absolute best, you’ll know it.

The Pocket 1600 mattress


Our most popular mattress from Mammoth’s Traditional Pocket Collection, featuring 1600 supportive pocket springs.
A medium feel that is not too firm and not too soft – somewhere that’s just right in between.
A modern comfort layer of our original Medical Grade™ Foam compliments the support of traditional pockets springs beneath.
A perfect combination to ensure your most comfortable night’s sleep at an attainable price.

The Sky 270 mattress


Developed only very recently, Mammoth’s latest comfort development sees a new super pliable and responsive layer of medical grade foam added to the top of this soft touch mattress.

Shown to be even more adaptive to the contours of your shape and size, whilst enjoying all of the supportive benefits of Mammoth’s original Medical Grade™ Foam that nestles beneath it.

It delivers a comfort experience like no other. For those who want to feel cuddled all the way through the night.

The Performance Pocket 2000 mattress


With 25% more individual pocket springs, the Pocket 2000 offers even more tailored support with a medium feel.
Topped with a really generous comfort layer of our original Medical Grade™ pressure relieving foam.
For those who want to push the boat out a little bit more when it comes to getting the best support and comfort around.

SuperSoft Pillows


Top off your perfect night’s sleep with the comfort enhancing Mammoth SuperSoft Pillow. Available in Slim and Loft depths, these soft yet supportive pillows can help prevent neck pain and help towards a more restful night